One fourteenth of the complete edition

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"All right.". I dare not entrust anyone to do this, but my own daughter is worth entrusting. Dinon looked thoughtfully at Wu Leting.

"All right.". I dare not entrust anyone to do this, but my own daughter is worth entrusting. Dinon looked thoughtfully at Wu Leting. Maybe you'll come to work in this hospital and take care of me-it's all a matter of fate. Heaven took pity on me and arranged for my own daughter to help me. After sighing, he suddenly looked grim. Le Ting, I want you to do me a favor. "What is it?" Listen, if you believe me. Next, do as I say. Dinon glanced at the fruit knife on the low cabinet and said in a low voice, "You use that knife to cut the leather rings that fix my hands." "What are you doing?" I don't have time to explain. Come on, Le Ting! Mrs. Mak will be here soon! Wu Leting did not dare to neglect and did as Dinon said. All right Now Dinon's hands were free, but he remained fixed as before-apparently to create the illusion that he was still imprisoned. Now, you listen to me carefully. Wu Leting leaned her head over a little more. When you're gone, pretend to leave this hospice. Then quietly find a place to hide, not to be found. At half past nine, the staff on duty here will no longer come to my ward. "You want me to come quietly to your ward at night?" "Yes." "What am I doing here?" "Listen, here's the point." Dinon said in a solemn tone he had never heard before, "You came to my ward at half past nine to get something.". It will be packed in a dark leather bag. He grabbed Wu Leting's hand and opened his eyes wide. "You have to remember-when the time comes, you do not turn on the lights in the ward, take this bag and go,aluminium coated steel tube, do not care about anything else.". Besides, no matter what you see, don't be afraid! Remember, Le Ting, this is very important! By the way, when you get your stuff, you can't go through the front door. There's security there-there's a low wall at the back of the building,Precision Welded pipes, and it's easy to climb out. You go out there and go down the hill at once! Although he has not actually done it yet, what Dinon said has already made Wu Leting feel her back tingling. "What do you want me to take?" She asked with trepidation? What should I do when I get it? "You'll know when the time comes." Dinon whispered, "As for this thing, when you get it, destroy it immediately!"! Burn it, bury it-whatever it takes to make this thing disappear from the world! Wu Leting nodded her head in horror. At this time, the door of the ward was pushed open, and Mrs. Mai came in with dinner. When she saw Wu Leting, she said with some surprise, "Hey, haven't you left yet?" I.. I'm leaving now. Wu Leting stood up. Mrs. Mai came over with a smile and said, "You can go. I'll feed Di Lao today." "I'll trouble you, precision welded tubes ,cold drawn tubes, Mrs. Mak." Wu Leting picked up her purse and went to the door. She and Dinon looked at each other again, and Dinon reminded her of the secret plan she had just discussed. Wu Leting nodded gently to him and walked out of the ward. Eighteen After Wu Leting went downstairs, she went to the dean's office to say goodbye to Dean Ge and pretended to leave the hospital. Then she looked for a place to hide in the building, as Dinon had told her to. The ladies' room-without a doubt, this is the safest place to hide. At least it is absolutely impossible for Dean Ge to come here. Wu Leting entered the women's toilet on the second floor, hid in the innermost single room, and locked the door. Sitting on the toilet lid, she pulled out her cell phone, set the ringtone to vibrate, and glanced at the time-it was 6:40, nearly three hours before 9:30. For the first time in her life, Wu Leting had to stay in the toilet for so long. However, it did give her enough time to think and clean up what was happening. This is really incredible. I came to work in this hospice to take care of a special old man, who was obviously not an ordinary man, who had a great secret hidden in him-and the most amazing thing was that I didn't find out until the last day that he was the father I had never met! God, is there anything more shocking in the world? Perhaps, really like Di Lao. Or as my father said, all this is predestined, is the arrangement of God. But what is the purpose of God's arrangement? Will I, the daughter, do my father a favor; or will I unlock some great secret? Next, what kind of strange situation will I encounter? By the way, Wu Leting suddenly thought-that is, today, Di Lao said a sentence: "The dean has been raising me here, in order to get one of my things.". She opened her mouth and suddenly realized that what Di Lao told her to go to the ward at night must be the thing that the dean had been waiting for for many years and longed for! What could it be? Wu Leting secretly guessed that Di Lao especially reminded me that no matter what I saw, I should not be afraid. Could it be that this thing is very terrible? She couldn't help shivering. She didn't dare to think about it anymore-she was hiding in the single room of the toilet alone, and the more she thought about it, the more afraid she was. Besides, it was already past seven o'clock, and she was already hungry, and it was only because the current environment had suppressed her appetite that her stomach was not so uncomfortable. Wu Leting closed her eyes and thought to herself-maybe, all the answers, when I get something like that tonight, Di Lao will tell me. She waited in boredom, even closed her eyes for a nap, and then used her mobile phone to pass the time-finally, she waited for that moment. It's nine twenty now. As the moment approached, Wu Leting became more and more nervous. She stood up from the toilet and rubbed her tingling legs to get ready for what she had to do next. At half past nine, Wu Leting walked out of the women's toilet. At this time,side impact beams, there was no one in the corridor. As Di Lao said, the staff on duty downstairs were already resting in the duty room. There will be no one patrolling the building now. Wu Leting walked up the stairs to the fifth floor, trying not to make a sound of footsteps.