The first chaos in history

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Jin Shaoyan spread out his hands and said, "Yes, you know we're not filming Joan of Arc.". Li Shishi is a prostitute.

Jin Shaoyan spread out his hands and said, "Yes, you know we're not filming Joan of Arc.". Li Shishi is a prostitute. What's the point of playing her so great? You can't expect people who have been busy all day to watch movies with artistic eyes, to appreciate your inner sadness, to analyze the deep meaning of this scene change, they are going to see beautiful women undress! His words even I can not help but secretly nodded, it seems that Jin Shaoyan knows how to make a good film ah! "I don't agree, I don't agree!" Said Li Shishi, patting the table with his hand out of control. This is the first time I've seen her like this. Maybe it was Jin Shaoyan's words that stimulated her, especially the first half of the sentence about Li Shishi's identity. Jin Shaoyan leaned back in his chair and said, "Miss Wang, the company is all for your future. In fact, we all think you have the potential to be a red earth, so we decided to spend a lot of money to train you.." "I don't need it," Li interrupted. Jin Shaoyan put his arms on the table and approached Li Shishi. "According to the new contract, we have the right to make appropriate changes to the plot," he said a little insidiously. I blew a puff of smoke on his face. Jin Shaoyan was so choked that he waved his hand repeatedly and sat back coughing. I said leisurely, "That didn't make you change the feature film into a porno." Jin Shaoyan finally couldn't help pounding the table and said, "Miss Wang, why are you doing this? The thing you are shooting now is a pile of garbage. Do you think anyone will see it?"? I don't know why you have a soft spot for Li Shishi, but everyone knows what kind of person she is. Even if you put the story of Princess Wencheng and Nightingale on her, Li Shishi is still Li Shishi, a prostitute. Li Shishi suddenly stood up and poured a cup of tea on Jin Shaoyan's face. After doing all this, she seemed to be in a daze. Then she soon calmed down and said sadly, "Well, I'll give up.". I declare. From this moment on, I quit filming. Jin Shaoyan exclaimed, "It's not that you said you wouldn't shoot.". Can you afford to pay the penalty? This time it's half a million. Li Shishi turned to look at me, and I waved to her with a smile: "Cousin, you go first.". I'll take care of the rest. From the moment Jin Shaoyan proposed to make porno, I had expected this kind of consequence. After Li Shishi left, Jin Shaoyan and I were left with big eyes and small eyes. I sneered, while he was a little discouraged and hung his head to tidy up his clothes and drink tea. Although I was no match for him in the fight, every time he met me, his hands were still tied. I smoked and said, "You should have said that earlier." Jin Shaoyan couldn't help saying, "Why? If I had said so, she wouldn't have splashed me." I said, "Yes, but the tea was still hot." Jin Shaoyan sighed and continued to wipe the water on his body. I suddenly felt that his helpless appearance was like Jin 2. His little action made me feel more cordial. Jin Shaoyan raised his head and resumed his cold appearance. He said, "Mr. Xiao, are you really going to pay the penalty?" I stubbed out my cigarette in the ashtray: "Tomorrow, or this time, this place, I bring the money, you bring the contract, collapsible bulk containers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, is there any problem?" Jin Shaoyan was probably not used to me talking to him in such a condescending tone. He was stunned for a moment and said, "No problem.." When I got out of the restaurant, I found Li Shishi waiting for me by the car. She was holding her shoulder and slowly in the same place. It seemed that she was not inconsolable. When she saw me coming, she smiled at me: "Did you redeem me?" I knew she was still upset, so I interrupted and said, "Do you think I should give him cash or check tomorrow?" Li Shishi smiled and said, "You're not coming with half a million yuan in cash, are you?" I quickly said, "Hey, do you think he will learn from me to light a cigarette with a check?" Li Shishi glanced at me and said, "Do you think everyone is as boring as you?" I nod: "Also be, other people gentleman just won't do so." Li Shishi turned to look at me and sighed in a low voice: "Cousin, you are a gentleman.". ” See, this is the woman, I so hard to help her, she actually scolded me. The next day, it was overcast from the morning. Piles of lead clouds were pressing on the top of people's heads. In the afternoon, the wind began to blow again. It was very windy. I saw that it was almost time, so I put on a coat and went to the bar. I had already said hello to Sun Sixin and asked him to prepare 500,000 yuan for me. At the bar, Sun Sixin said hello to me and said, "The money is ready. In the first half of the month, the running water is exactly 500,000 yuan, but it's all zero. Brother Qiang, do you want to transfer the ownership or change it into a whole one? I'll do it for you." I said, "Change.." Change what? Show it to me. I suddenly thought of a bad move. Is Jin Shaoyan short of 500,000 yuan? He clearly wants to harm me, he must know that 50 is not a small number for me, he harms me, I am disgusted with him! Sun Sixin looked embarrassed and said.. Brother Qiang, it's not easy to take it. I said, "Cut the crap and hurry up." Sun Sixin had no choice but to stack out piles of crumpled change from the safe. Although they were all classified, they looked crooked and had denominations ranging from 1005. Sun Sixin kept bending down and straightening up. Finally, he stacked a counter of banknotes. The bundles of money were different in size and thickness, emitting the choking smell of old books and periodicals. I couldn't help laughing when I looked at it and said, "So much as 500,000?" Sun Sixin pinched his nose and asked, "Brother Qiang, do you want to change?" I firmly said: "Change!"! Be sure to change! I threw a few bundles of 100 bills to him, "and changed them into ten cents." Sun Sixin sorted out the money with a bitter face and pointed to a customer who was drinking with his back to us and said to me, "Oh yes, that friend knew you would come and was waiting for you all the time." I nodded and said, "You go." When he came to the door, I shouted at him again, "Remember, even the steel collapse!" I walked up to the man, he felt someone coming, a look up I was surprised, the man was Li Tian! When he saw that it was me,plastic pallet crates, he threw a small blue, olive-shaped pill on the table without saying a word. The pill took two shots before it stopped, emitting a mysterious luster in the dark environment of the bar.