Dongfang Yubei Mountain Jinglong

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Yes, as soon as Ding Baiyang took off his mask of human skin, his face, whose color was like a heavy jujube and whose eyebrows

Yes, as soon as Ding Baiyang took off his mask of human skin, his face, whose color was like a heavy jujube and whose eyebrows were trimmed, immediately turned into a pale face. Gold, eagle nose, eagle eyes! He, of course, is the double dragon castle Lord nine claws Shenlong Yan afraid to repair, one side loudly way: "Ha ha, don't be surprised. Before March, Ding Baiyang and I made a big bet at the top of Huangshan Mountain.." See XianLou old strange way: "How do you bet?" Shuanglongbao Lord smirked and said: "Leader of Wulin Alliance!"! At that time, he mentioned that as long as he defeated the old man, he would be the only one in the world, and the old man listened deeply. For strange, ask him how to say this? He said that regardless of the enemy and ourselves, they should take this vine, but Ding Baiyang. Although his martial arts were high, he was still defeated by the old man's "Shuanglong Xuangong", so the old man asked him to take the vine to protect his natural life. Point Cang Ling vulture old man hum angrily: "Birds of a feather," the mountain ghost old man nodded: "So you asked Tong Tianlu to lead the Four Beauties and Eight Heroes to go to Wudang to seek revenge, but at the same time you asked your brothers and monks to wait for them." Chi granted Wudang, so that Heizi could push you to be the leader of the alliance, and you would invite us to eat Yama Rattan? Double dragon castle Lord Yin laughed. "Exactly so!" Mangshan ghost old man sneer at a way: "Gao Ming, Gao Ming, it's a pity that in one city and three mountains, there are also Maoshan Niubi and Yinshan Yin Ruyu,car radiator cap, who didn't eat your King of Hell." Rattan, is it consistent? Double dragon castle Lord slightly a way: "Don't bother, Brother Luo. If the two tigers, Fu Jingqing and Yin Ruyu, fight each other, there will be a wound." Yin Demon Shangshi Ancient Road: "What have you done?" Double dragon castle Lord back way: "The old man may not take them seriously." "Amitabha!" Master Mingjing of Shaolin is more than eighty years old, and he has profound cultivation. Although the True Qi is completely dispersed, he is still not able to breathe. Recite the name of the Buddha and say slowly: "The castle mainly wants to dominate the martial arts world. It doesn't rely on its true martial arts, but relies on Yama Rattan's secret tricks. Of course, I have lost my martial arts." Work,DIN screw plug, also can't make the world hero, hear the scenery from. Shuanglongbao Lord laughed and said: "The old Zen master is right. Imagine that the people present today are already the world's first-class masters. At this moment, as long as the old man gives the order, Kill all of you. Who else in Jianghu dares not follow? Ha ha, two years ago, as early as Jianghu Tongdao: "Solemnly declare that'those who are enemies of Shuanglongbao will die. 'You are just reaping what you have sown!" While they were talking, Lu Waner quietly took out a pill from her bosom and put it into Gongsun Yan's hand in a low voice. Way: "Sister Gongsun, swallow it quickly." Gongsun Yan looked down and saw Waner stuffed herself with a purple pill. She could not help nodding and laughing at Waner. "Is it Zixuedan?" Waner way: "I asked for it from my mother. It was originally for your brother Bi to heal his wounds. It was always by my side, but now it's still in use. Take it quickly." Go down. Gongsun Yan glanced at Tieguai's mother-in-law and thought to herself, There are only three people in today's game, Wan'er and Ling'er. I don't know if they can make it. Can you stop it? If I give this purple snow Dan to my mother-in-law, I'm afraid it's even more white. Thought in the heart, also not good to say more, quickly into the mouth. Her action, however, still could not hide from the Lord of the two castles, who glanced sideways and smiled. Girl, in addition to the elixir, I'm afraid there is no medicine in the world to cure Yama Rattan. ” Waner cheeks a drum, socket screw plug ,Investment casting parts, airway: "It's none of your business!" Shuanglong Castle Lord is full of ambition at the moment, that will put them these two little girls, in the eye, so also do not pay attention to, suddenly. Turning around, he ordered, "Where is Liu Jie?" Double dragon six outstanding bang should be 1, step generation orderly walk down three steps, bow way: "What do you want from the master?" Double dragon castle Lord raised his hand way: "You can send these Wulin predecessors on their way!" "Shut up!" Ouyang Luo, who was sitting in the lower seat, stood up and shouted loudly: "Yan is afraid of Xiu. You don't have to worry about this. The people present are not the masters of a generation, but also the leaders of a group of people, who live and die." Things, come to think of it will not be taken very seriously, but life fame, but no one can be humiliated, the situation has been so, brother's meaning, poor. You have to end it yourself. He really deserves to be the chief ladle of Sanxiang Qize, and he is very heroic! Double dragon castle Lord laughed. "Brother Ouyang is right, but you have lost your martial arts. How easy is it to end your life?"? Nope The letter, you try a palm to shake the power of heaven and earth, can you break your own spirit? Haha, it's better to let the old man do it for you, and it's also saved. You try your best. At this point, with a wave of his robe sleeve, Shuanglong Liujie stepped forward like a wolf and ran towards Qunhao! Suddenly a long laugh, across the air, but see a tall figure, as fast as lightning, falling in the air! Shuanglong Liujie was stunned by this long laugh, and he did not expect to stop a little! This really said late, then fast, that person's figure just fell, Shuanglong Liujie suddenly at the same time "er", fell back! They looked up and saw that there was already a tall man in front of the hall, with long hair flying, a grim smile on his face, and his hands open. People! "Maoshan Poison Finger is coming!" The heroes in the field secretly shouted in their hearts! Maoshan poison has cuckoo strange laugh way: "Yan Boxiu, you killed 36 Taoist priests of my Tongtian Temple with the'Scattered Flower Needle ', and the mountain people killed six of your disciples, which is not much." Right? ' Double dragon castle Lord face big change, involuntarily stepped back, eyes sharp, drink a way: "Fu Jingqing is doomed, and you will come to the door yourself." The voice did not fall, there are two figures, suddenly fly down, it is a jade face red lips, wearing a blue shirt, waist wearing an ancient sword less. Years, and a beautiful girl in Tsing Yi! Waner saw the young man in the blue shirt, hurriedly pushed GongSunYan, shouted: "Ah, Elder Martial Sister Pearl, Brother Bi is here!" It was Bi Yulin and Duan Zhuer who caught up with Maoshan Tongtianguan. They came with Maoshan Poison Finger and arrived at Shuanglong. Fort, Maoshan Poison refers to a cavity of anger, can no longer endure, fly first,metal stamping parts, Pearl flying skill is poor, so one step behind. As soon as Duan Zhuer fell to the ground, she could not help snorting:.