Super thief

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That direction, if Xiao Hua remembers correctly, is the location of the armor shop! See this situation, Xiao Hua heart can not help but rise a not very good feeling!

Xiao Hua did not know that he was almost ambushed at the door. Had it not been for the master's stealth, he would probably have been plotted against this time! At the beginning, the player who came to the Black Fog City to explore the secret was constantly abused without even going out of the city gate, and then constantly dropped the level, and finally could only delete the characters. Generally speaking, the old players of Black Fog City will not repeat the attack on a new player, because only the first and second time they can drop a little better equipment, and then continue to be violent, they just drop some potions, and the general players are normal people who come here, they all have some strength, it's not a good thing to make people hate them. Once people fight to the death, the violent people are not much better. But that time the guy who came to investigate the secret of the Black Fog City was too high-profile in the forum, so that the players of the Black Fog City had a unified preparation in advance, and naturally they could not even get out of the city gate. After escaping the disaster, Xiao Hua returned to the Goblin refresh point. When there is no black stone coin in the warehouse and backpack, Xiao Hua can pick up the black stone coin dropped by the monster again, and once picked up, it will automatically disappear from the backpack. The task of "Hazar's Commission" is also very convenient. In the brush strange Lian Ji and back to the city to supply to move back and forth, the blink of an eye time and three days. This day is the eighth day of Xiao Hua's arrival in Black Fog City. Although these days have been repeating these simple steps, Xiao Hua is not the slightest annoyance,aluminum tile trim, his patience after these days of precipitation, seems to have become more patient! In the darkness, outside the city of black mist, at Goblin's refresh point. Under the red weapon track, the night gradually disappeared, a touch of sunshine appeared from the distant horizon, to the system time at six o'clock in the morning, there was a light layer of white fog around,stainless tile trim, Xiao Hua was still meticulous in the white fog and goblin fighting, but at this time, a system prompt interrupted Xiao Hua's concentration! System prompt: tonight at 18:00, black fog weather is coming, please black fog city wild players as soon as possible back to the city to escape! "Black and foggy weather, what is this?" Xiao Hua listened to the heart a surprised, this black fog weather is actually let the system issued a warning prompt, it seems to be careful. However, the black fog will not come until six o'clock in the evening, and it is only six o'clock in the morning. It only takes two hours to get back to the black fog city from here. Although Xiao Hua is alert, he is not willing to go back to the city too early to waste time waiting. He kept practicing at the goblin refresh point until noon. Xiao Hua felt it was almost time, so he stopped and exhaled the land bird and ran back to the Black Fog City. Go back at this time. Back in the city, there are still four hours to prepare, even if there is an accident, there is enough time to prepare. Sitting on the mount, china tile trim ,stainless steel edge trim, Xiao Hua was bored and had a great curiosity about the black and foggy weather. He guessed the reason why the system prompted players to return to the city to escape. Is it difficult for black fog weather to cause harm to human body like acid rain weather in reality? As soon as this guess appeared in Xiao Hua's mind, Xiao Hua felt that it was very likely to be so, but also felt that it should not be so simple, otherwise the system would not solemnly give a warning. Even if black fog is something like acid rain, I'm afraid there will be several negative States! Think of here, Xiao Hua can not help but worry, perhaps he should return to the city earlier, God knows if it is necessary to hide in a closed room to avoid the black fog, and in his memory, the closed room in the black fog city is not much, probably also a dozen of the appearance! There may be plenty of room to hide somewhere, but at least not within his knowledge! "I hope there is still a place!" Xiao Hua although a little worried, but he is not back too late, usually in the black fog city to see the number of players, plus a large number of people left the reward task left the black fog city, how to calculate should not be here soon no place! And this is just a game, the speed of movement has a maximum value, even if his small universe broke out, the speed will not change, also on the mount to settle down to run back to the black fog city. As soon as Xiao Hua changed his habit, this time he simply ran directly to the place where he could see the Black Fog City before he got off his horse and sneaked past, returning to the Black Fog City more than ten minutes faster than expected! Running all the way into the black fog city, Xiao Hua did not see any player in the street, even the NPC did not know where to hide. Xiao Hua felt that he might have really guessed, so he hurried to look for a house with a spare seat. There are about ten NPC houses with doors in my memory. Xiao Hua ran to the nearest drug store. Before long, he saw several players running from the opposite side in a hurry and running in the other direction. That direction, if Xiao Hua remembers correctly, is the location of the armor shop! See this situation, Xiao Hua heart can not help but rise a not very good feeling! Can't be so absurd, the time is still so early, is the house of NPC crowded with people? I ran towards the drug store, but I saw that the door of the store, which was originally open, was tightly closed. I wanted to push the door and go in, but I was prompted by the system: there is no space in this room, please go to the second place to escape! "Shit!" Xiao Hua looked, lipstick couldn't help scolding. Normal in the city, once there is a player blocking the door incident, there will be city guards to maintain order, but now the system is to give this unusual hint, now even if there is no experience, Xiao Hua also knows that things are really almost the same as he thought, this black fog really needs to be avoided in the room! There is no way. Xiao Hua had to turn around and leave to find other places to escape. But in the next hour, Xiao Hua searched the whole black fog city more than ten places to hide, but did not find a free house! But Xiao Hua is not a person so, on the street, there are several players like Xiao Hua who can not find a place, but parked in the street,stainless steel tile edging, although silent, but Xiao Hua is feeling their frustration. Brother, what's the matter with the black fog? 。