Affectionate man with pet cat daily [wear quickly]

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Chu Mingzheng is so clever that he must see something from this action. The little cat gave a solemn meow to show that she remembered.

"Meow?" She rushed over and scratched and scratched at the cabinet. Why did you put away my communication tools! I want to sneak to Jane Zhian in the middle of the night! Leng Chen says: "I can communicate with you originally, now, the tool was confiscated, you do a cat honestly." She stamped on his foot. "Meow!" You can't do this to me! In Leng Chen's territory, he has the final say. When he left with a straight face, his mind was filled with the soft touch of clasping her in his arms, and he could not forget the regret that he had no reason to forget. The little cat rolled on the ground. No props, no adult, even the tablet was confiscated. There is no way to communicate with Jane Zhian, not to mention that Weibo can't make money! The cabinet is locked by fingerprints. If you expect Leng Chen to open it, you might as well expect to earn two more treasure chests [loved by male partners]. Alas, my life is saved. Let's think of another way. During the day, when the little cat is full, she lies in her cat's nest to catch up on sleep and conserve energy. When she woke up in the evening, she kept an eye on Leng Chen's movements. This person is also very boring at home, except that work is work. But the little cat was familiar with his schedule, and he went to bed at midnight. To be on the safe side, the little cat slipped into his bedroom after he washed up and followed him. Leng Chen did not forget the thing that she rolls on his bed to take a picture,7g Ozone Generator, say in disgust: "Go out." "Meow." Not only did she not leave, but she lay on the ground. Not the kind of well-behaved lying, but like a toad, two hind legs bent on the ground. Cheapskate, let me stay for a while. You can die. She made up her mind that if Leng Chen threw her out, she would sneak back. Seeing that it was going to be twelve o'clock, Leng Chen no longer struggled with whether she would stay or not,ceramic bobbin heater core, but lifted the quilt and lay on the bed. Before turning off the light, he looked sideways, and the little cat did not know when to move from the middle of the ground to the bedside, and now he was playing with his slippers. The slipper was small for her size, and she first put one paw into the shoe, then pushed her head against his slipper and ran all over the room. Slippers can also play so happy, Leng Chen no longer pay attention to her silly appearance, twelve o'clock, he closed his eyes. Later, the little cat held the slippers, nibbled and bit, and had a lot of fun. It took her a long time to get down to business. Letting go of her drooling slippers, steatite c221 ,ceramic igniter electrodes, the little cat quietly glanced at the man on the bed. When he slept, he was very quiet, lying upright, and never changed his position. To be on the safe side, she waited for another half hour to make sure that Leng Chen would not get up before she went out of the bedroom lightly. When she did not see, when the bedroom door closed, Leng Chen opened his eyes, but did not care to close them. In the evening, the little cat was so energetic that she ran to the kitchen on the first floor, then opened the refrigerator and found the key she had hidden inside. With the key in her mouth, she opened the door of the wine cellar with great effort. Meow. She gave a little cry and came in. Jane Zhian heard the sound and woke up. Seeing the little cat, her expression was very surprised. The little cat was lucky not to be hurt. What are you doing here? She asked in a low voice. The little cat put the key in his mouth at Jane's feet and patted it with his paw: "Meow." I'm coming to save you. If only the tablet was there, her communication with Jane Zhian would be easier. Although she couldn't understand cat language, she was smart enough to squat down and ask, "Is this the key to open the door?" Meow nodded. Jane Zhi is shocked, this cat will not be a sperm. If you take me, are you sure you can leave the villa? She asked tentatively. The little cat shook his head honestly. The security measures are so strong that I'm afraid they won't be found before they get halfway. If it didn't feel too real, Jane would think she was dreaming. Leng Chen's cat, unexpectedly can understand her speech! There are all kinds of strange things in the world. The most urgent thing is to leave the villa, and we will talk about the rest later. Chien Chih-an pondered for a moment and said, "We still have to take a long view.". My communication equipment has been confiscated. Can you find me a mobile phone? The little cat nodded to show that she could try. To be on the safe side, the little cat also took a piece of bloody cloth, which was a sleeve torn from her clothes. A few days ago, she bandaged the wound with this, which might be used as a token in the future. Jane Zhian now pinned most of her hopes on the little cat. She gently held one of the front paws of the little cat, and then put the other hand on it. When doing this action, Jane Zhian's expression is very soft. She said: "If you see a person named Chu Mingzheng, in the case of no way to communicate with him, just imitate my action, put the paw on his hand, he will understand when he sees it." When he rescued her from the darkness of hell, he held out his hand to her like a God, and she put her hand on it in response. Chu Mingzheng is so clever that he must see something from this action. The little cat gave a solemn meow to show that she remembered. She could not stay here for too long, fearing that she would be discovered by Leng Chen, so she left with the key in her mouth. After re-closing the door, she wanted to go to the servants'residence to find a mobile phone, but they locked the door. Leng Chen's? She was afraid to move. I'm not discouraged if I can't find her. I'll continue tomorrow! But she never expected that the next day, the door lock of the wine cellar would be replaced by fingerprints! The key she had worked so hard to hide was useless! I want to cry without tears. Fortunately, the cloth she brought from Jane Zhian last night was hidden in the cat's nest. The cat's nest prepared by the old housekeeper was pumpkin-shaped, with a "pumpkin skin" on the side that could be opened and a soft cushion inside. The cloth was so small that she hid it under the cushion in the cat's nest. As long as she didn't turn it over, she couldn't find it. Leng Chen had a day off yesterday and is going to work today. The little cat not only did not hide,Ozone generator ceramic plate, but also took the initiative to get into the car with him. As for her abnormality, Leng Chen only glanced at her lightly and did not delve into her thoughts. Xiaomiao thought he was going to the company today, but he didn't expect Leng Chen to go on an inspection tour in the morning. It's like she's watching him. She follows him wherever he goes.