Such as your elegance

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I was a little uncomfortable and leaned my face aside. Half of the knife at the waist of Seventeen was pulled out again.

I went around him and walked down. Bai Yan followed me and chattered beside me: "You are really beautiful today. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen wearing royal blue. Others wear it rigidly or look dull. You wear it just right. This set of sapphire looks good on your head and face, but the quality of this jade doesn't look very good. I will ask someone to send a set of Hetian jade in a few days." With a few more East pearls on the hairpin, it must be more beautiful than it is now. "Thank you for your kindness." I answered carelessly and saw Li Qi standing at the entrance of the stairs on the first floor, dressed in a dark blue robe, wearing a black veil, holding his shoulders against the railing, frowning, not knowing what he was thinking. Seventeen was dressed in a black robe, with a tight belt, presumably for fear that the wound on her waist would open. She resumed her men's dress, with her long dark hair tied high, because her boots were padded with insoles, which made her look only a little lower than Li Qi. I walked a few steps to the first floor, first patted Li Qi on the shoulder and said with a smile, "You came to call me, but you ran away." Then I went to gently pinch the shoulder of seventeen, soft voice way: "Seventeen darling, what to do?"? "Whose heart are you going to steal by dressing up so beautifully tonight?" Seventeen blushed slightly on his face. He lowered his head a little and said softly, "No,China spa factory, this is what you used to do for your subordinates, madam. It's because you have a good eye." The sad look on Li Qi's face swept away and he shouted discontentedly behind me: "Hey, hey, hey!"! Madam! Aren't you the least bit curious that I'm wearing a veil? You don't care about me! I see right through you! "No disrespect to Madame!" Half of the knife at the waist of seventeen has been pulled out. I don't know if Li Qi would change his attitude towards her in an instant if he knew that my darling little seventeen was a girl. When I turned my head, Li Qi crossed his waist and muttered, "I don't know if there will be any delicious meat on the temple fair. This place is so poor that birds can't shit. I can't even see a big sparerib. All day long, there are minced meat, bacon soup and shredded meat. A bird fades out of my mouth." "You're wearing a veil,jacuzzi manufacturers, and you want to eat it. It's funny that you don't believe your affectation." Zhu Jiu came out of nowhere, dressed in red, with ruby gold bracelets jingling on his snow-white wrist, and carrying a jar of wine with mud in his hand. Li Qi instantly exploded: "You have the ability to say it again!" " Ignoring him, Zhu Jiu walked quickly up to Seventeen and said, "Aunt Seventeen.." Here's a jar of the best daughter's red. You must try it later. "No need," said Seventeen coldly. "Drinking makes things worse. If something goes wrong with your ladyship, I can't take the responsibility." "" It's all right, madam, "said Zhu Jiu." Nothing will happen. There's still Bai Yan here. Seventeen closed his eyes, walked over to me and whispered, "Madam, my subordinates and this man are innocent." I nodded, endless swimming pool ,outdoor spa manufacturers, patted 17 on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Well, I always believe in you. You don't have to stay by my side all the time today. Go and play well. I can protect myself." Seventeen wanted to say something else. Zhu Jiu stood behind her and put one hand on her shoulder. Seventeen obviously shrank and turned around to stare at Zhu Jiu. Zhu Jiu was not angry at all. Instead, he was very happy to be stared at by Seventeen. Lord, "I think I need to remind Zhu Jiu that something has changed, and I don't want to trade with him." Forgive me for refusing the offer. " Zhu Jiu looked very surprised, he slightly narrowed his gray-blue eyes, looked at me, and then looked at seventeen, he suddenly showed a brilliant smile, the hand did not mean to leave the shoulder of seventeen, I gave seventeen a wink, seventeen immediately shook off Zhu Jiu's hand. I laughed and said, "I'll go first. Have a good time." Li Qi immediately followed up and called out, "I don't want to be with them. Madam protects me!" As he spoke, he grabbed the firefly paper cage from my hand. I was afraid that he would break the paper cage. I repeatedly said, "Be careful, be careful. You still need it.". ” "If he breaks it, I'll send someone to catch it for you." Bai Yan came from behind. He stretched his head out from behind me. His chin was slightly on my shoulder. His warm and soft cheeks were almost close to mine. I was a little uncomfortable and leaned my face aside. Half of the knife at the waist of Seventeen was pulled out again. I think my patience with Bai Yan is really limitless. With a dry cough, I dodged Bai Yan's breath without leaving any trace. Regardless of whether my sudden departure would cause him to fall down, I took a few steps forward, pressed Li Qi's back, and hurriedly said: "Go, go, don't miss the time. When you get to the back of the stage later, you can pour the fireflies into my sleeve." Li Qi promised, Bai Yan came forward, grabbed the paper cage from Li Qi's hand, squeezed Li Qi away, stood beside me, and smiled at me: "OK, let's go." Bai Yan's set of movements is simply familiar, as if he had practiced it in private. Li Qi simply stood beside him with a confused face, pointing at Bai Yan and saying, "You, you, you.." Bai Yan didn't even look at him. He naturally put his arm around my shoulder and led me forward. I followed him for a few steps and felt something was wrong. I wanted to break free from his arms. I thought it was not easy for me to get out, but I just walked a little to the side, and Bai Yan put his hand down. This is really beyond my expectation, I looked at him with surprise, he smiled at me helplessly, as if he had been greatly wronged: "I will not force you to do anything, I do not want you to hate me." My heart suddenly rose a sense of inexplicable guilt, want to speak out to comfort him,whirlpool hot tub spa, on second thought, was not I taken advantage of? Why do I feel guilty here? "Bah, shameless." Li Qi did not know when to follow up and muttered behind me.