Love through time travel and meeting in ancient times

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It was so painful to pull it out! The blood gushed out again. Maybe I lost a lot of blood. I felt dizzy and fainted.

When I heard him say he was coming, I immediately sat down opposite him. When he saw me like this, he could not help smiling, but the smile flashed by and turned back into a cold face. I was deadlocked with him for a while, and he finally said, "Didn't you say you wanted to go out?" He sees I did not make a sound, continue to say: "Good, I promise you.". But I want to hear you sing. I can not help but smile, I am now like a canary trapped in a cage, can I sing a beautiful song without freedom? When he saw me like this, he was a little angry again. He grabbed my face with his long arm and said coldly, "Do you still want to be like yesterday?"? Sing! As soon as I heard yesterday, I shivered and saw that he had let go of his hand. I thought about it, opened my mouth slowly and began to sing. Love is vague, poor is not the courage to choose, if we are reluctant to go on like this, each of us is a victim, I would like to love him, but the eyes are lying, it is easier to hide it,Surveyors tape measure, lest the feelings become complicated, I would like to love him, but the reason in the quarrel can be rescued? Who can give me a good answer when love is trapped in the edge of danger, whether it will be scarred, whether it will be miserable, I want to. Love him, but the eyes are lying, it is easier to hide it,Horse weight lbs, so as not to complicate the feelings. I want to love him very much, but the reason is quarreling. Who can give me a good answer? Singing, I found that this song is very suitable to describe my feelings for the bright moon. But I didn't find that Yinming Yifeng's face was getting uglier and uglier at this time. After singing a song, I found Yinming Yifeng looking at me with a black face. Could it be that Yinming Haoyue is so good that you are still thinking about him now? What business is it of yours that I am obsessed with him? I have my freedom, now the song is over, please go out! Ignoring me, he continued, "Am I really worthless in your heart?" Does it matter where you are in my heart? I'm just a hostage. "I will have your heart." I was stupefied, immediately reacted to come over, "you do not want to revenge Haoyue, you simply do not like me, I can not like you, you give up!" When he heard me say this, he was stunned, Wheel tape measure ,Walking tape measure, and with a complicated expression on his face, he walked out of the tent thoughtfully. Did I just say something to him? Forget it. We can just send him away anyway. In the evening, when I was about to go to bed, I had just blown out the candle when suddenly the curtain was pulled up and a man came in. Who else will come so late? There is only one possibility: Yinming Yifeng! Chapter 33 seeking death. Thinking of this, I immediately became alert and shrank by the wall and dared not make a sound. I vaguely saw him go to the bed, grope on the bed for a while, probably can not find me, then stand up again, go to the table. I crouched in the corner and slowly approached the door. Then the whole tent suddenly lit up, and I immediately stood up and went straight to the door! But it was so close that I could pull open the curtain and run away! I was hugged by him and dragged back! Alas, do I have to die so heroically? Although I am very afraid of death, but also very infatuated with this world, but for my dignity, I do not want to live in this world. I quietly took out the hairpin in my arms and put it against my chest. As soon as it goes down, I'll be free. Farewell, Grandma, farewell, Chunju, farewell, Haoyue! I closed my eyes and stuck it hard. What are you doing? Yinming Yifeng screamed and grabbed my hand. Even so, the hairpin plunged into my chest and my clothes were stained with blood. Yinming Yifeng hugged the collapsed me on the bed and looked for bandages and healing medicine in the cabinet. At this time, I still keep awake, looking at his face panicked and sad, can not help but smile sadly, "Yinming Yifeng, why?"? Can't you just let me die? If I die, Haoyue will be very sad! You won't worry that I'll run away. Isn't that the best of both worlds? "I don't want you to die. Don't talk too much. It will be all right soon." With these words, he sat on the edge of the bed and slowly unbuttoned my coat. "Don't touch me!" I was in a hurry and tried to avoid his hand. Don't move, it will be all right soon. With these words, he pressed me with one hand and untied my clothes with the other. I was powerless to resist, only to look at him angrily. Bear with me. It will hurt a little if I pull out my hairpin. "Ah!" It's not a little painful, it's very painful! I didn't expect that I didn't feel anything when I inserted it. It was so painful to pull it out! The blood gushed out again. Maybe I lost a lot of blood. I felt dizzy and fainted. When I woke up again, it was morning, and I stared at the top of the bed in a trance. I can't die in the end. Am I so lucky? Last time Su-su hurt me, it was Hao-yue who tried her best to save me. This time I wanted to die, but Yinming Yifeng stopped me in time. Alas, for the first time, I felt that it was not so easy to want to die! Just remember, inadvertently found a person sleeping beside the bed, is Yinming Yifeng! Did he take care of me all night here?! Unexpectedly, he was so reluctant to let me die in order to get revenge! I couldn't help smiling bitterly. Looking at his sleeping appearance, I found that he had a feeling of tranquility when he was sleeping, and then I noticed that he was also very handsome. Without the usual cold and insidious, it is replaced by sincerity. Do all aristocrats have good genes? Why are everyone so handsome?! At this time, his eyes opened, and I immediately closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. No need to pretend,fish measuring tape, I've already seen it. Oh, what a shame! I opened my eyes again. Why would you hurt yourself? "I thought you wanted to." He sighed. "Am I so untrustworthy?" "Once you are unfaithful, a hundred times you don't have to." Haven't you heard of this truth? He said the words silently and walked slowly out of the tent.