A big country has no boundaries

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Firstly, the British colonists carried out the policy of national separation to consolidate their colonial

Firstly, the British colonists carried out the policy of national separation to consolidate their colonial rule, and secondly, the British firmly controlled the local military power, official appointment power, ruling power and so on, throwing some of the less important rights into the hands of those Malay feudal princes or indigenous leaders, so that they could act as Malay federations. Never let the Chinese have basic political rights, for the Indians who love to make trouble, they have long held a repressive attitude, and finally feel that some of the British colonists who are sorry for the Indians have promulgated laws such as freedom of religious belief and freedom of multilingual education, which are intended for religious Indians to make religion a bond. Let them be more United and compete with Malays and Chinese. As a result, as time goes by, the contradictions are constantly developing and expanding, so that before the outbreak of this incident, the contradictions among the three races are deepening day by day, and the contradictions among Islamic culture, Chinese culture and Indian culture are continuing. It can be said that the situation of racist contradictions in the Malay Federation has reached the point of fire and water. But the British are fond of talking about such scenes. In 1943, the Governor's Office of the British Malay Federation also conducted a population survey and statistics. From the population report they published in the world,aluminium laminated tube, the Malay Federation had a population of 12 million, of which 37 were Chinese, 30 were Indians and 33 were Malays. It can be said that the three races formed a tripartite regional situation. When they thought that the "equilateral triangle" was the most stable, Little do we know that behind all this, a storm is brewing, and the contradictions accumulated over a long period of time will trigger a volcanic eruption of racist conflicts. The occurrence of an earth-shaking event is often due to a very small thing, but small things can act as a spark, which can completely detonate the long-accumulated contradictions,polyfoil tube, just like the Sarajevo incident that triggered the First World War, the couple of Archduke Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, were killed by Serbian youth on the National Day of Serbia. At that time, no one expected that this would trigger a world war that would eventually lead to the death of tens of millions of people, the displacement of hundreds of millions of people, and the consumption of hundreds of billions of wealth in European countries. What was the small event that triggered the great conflict of the century of racism in the Malay Federation on December 11? Chapter 175 Kuala Lumpur. Chapter 175 Kuala Lumpur. Time: December 11, place: Kuala Lumpur, capital of the British Malay Federation. The Malay Peninsula, located at the equator, is often accompanied by a whirring monsoon and a fierce sun every morning since November. Sometimes there is a heavy rain in the morning. However, after the torrential rain, the sky in Kuala Lumpur will be particularly blue, tube lip gloss ,eye cream packaging tube, and only a few white clouds will float sporadically above the spotless blue sky. With the rising of the sun, it becomes more and more white and soft under the sunshine. It was still early. The two brothers, Dou Yue and Dou Min, who lived on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, got up. From their names, we can see that the two brothers must be descendants of ethnic Chinese. Their ancestors must have come from the border area between Fujian and Guangdong in China. So the two brothers were given such a special name by their father, Dou Hua. Born in this part of the Malay Peninsula, the two brothers did not have the conditions to study hard. It was not until they were almost adults that they attended two years of literacy classes in the children's school of an overseas Chinese enterprise. Only then were they able to read and write sentences and do arithmetic. However, this was enough for the two brothers to follow in their father's footsteps and continue to run the fruit business handed down from the family. The Malay Peninsula is located in the tropics and is rich in fruits all the year round, such as durian, golden and attractive mango, sweet papaya, grapefruit, pineapple, sweet and juicy carambola and so on, which are known as the "king of ten thousand fruits" and have strong flavor. In short, the Malay Peninsula, which is rich in high-quality fruits, always keeps the brothers alive for a year. Early in the morning. The two brothers and their daughter-in-law all got up. They loaded all the fruits that they had collected from the fruit plantation yesterday afternoon and had not finished working overtime last night. The "pillars" of the family were two Dongfeng trucks that they had spent a lot of money to buy from the 4S shop of China South Heavy Industry Automobile in Kuala Lumpur. They were soon loaded to the brim. The two brothers said goodbye to their families very soon. After saying goodbye to the family and children in the misty night, two trucks drove one after the other with headlights on, leading to the freight storage area of Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, which was built in 1910. Along the way, the eldest brother Dou Min's truck walked in front, and the second brother Dou Yue followed slowly about 80 meters away. Some overloaded trucks could run at high speed, but the road conditions in Kuala Lumpur did not allow the two brothers to rush for time, otherwise they would bump all the way and not know how many fruits would go bad, so the two brothers would rather slow down. Affected by the monsoon, the morning in Kuala Lumpur is somewhat frightening. In the dark night, the trees that are blown by the strong wind are always shaking, and sometimes the branches are broken and crackling. Along the way, the two brothers drive carefully for fear of hitting any fallen branches, until the morning sun smiles on the hills in the east. In the golden sunshine, two trucks loaded with all kinds of fruits finally arrived at the freight station. The fruit business of the two brothers is very simple, that is, they go to the countryside every afternoon to buy fruit. After returning home, the whole family mobilizes to put the fruits into different boxes after dividing them into good and bad ones. The next morning, they pull these fruits to the railway freight station and sell them to the fruit wholesalers who offer the right price. These wholesalers will buy the fruits. Transhipment to Singapore for sale, some even to the Republic, long-distance transportation will certainly increase the cost of refrigeration, but this is not what the brothers need to worry about. On the 11th day, the two brothers were a little happy, because they pulled five tons of fruit, and the quality is quite good, sure to sell a good price,plastic laminated tube, so the two brothers drove the truck into the parking lot of the freight station one after the other. After the eldest brother Dou Min got off, he went to find the wholesalers who often cooperated with him. By the way, he also learned about today's market. The second brother Dou Yue stayed around the truck. He was responsible for guarding the two expensive trucks and the fruits on them. emptycosmetictubes.com